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The week before a big move is very stressful, but also very exciting. Here at Steady Movers, we would like to make you aware of exactly what you should be doing from a week before your move all the way up to the few days after you are in your new home with your family. Many of these things you have probably already thought about, but if you are a first time residential mover, you may not have thought about all the things that need to get done.

One week before you move there are a lot of little things that you need to start doing. First off, you will want to double check will all of your utility companies that they are prepared to turn off your services when you asked them to be. You will not want them turned off too early or too late. Also, you will want to either close your checking accounts in the local banks or have them transferred to a bank closer to your new home. If you bank with a large corporation, they will be able to simply transfer your funds to the new city quite easily. This is also the time to make sure that your car is safe for moving if you plan on driving it to your new home. Lastly, you will need to start the cleaning process. Start throwing away some food items and cleaning your refrigerator. This is quite easy, but you will be happy you got it done early.

On the day of the move, you will want to stay home all day with the movers. This is to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Some of the things that could happen is that they are harsh with your belongings or take the wrong things. If you plan on packing up your car with some valuables, you should do this then or have a sign on the things saying to not move them. Of course, if you decide to utilize Steady Movers, we are always careful with your belongings and make sure we only move what you want moved. Once everything has been moved out, make sure to take a tour of the house to make sure that nothing is left in any drawers and that all doors to the outside are locked.

Once you have made it to your new home there are just a few more things you must do. Firstly, make sure to enroll your children in their new school. Once this is done you should start acquiring emergency phone numbers. Also, go to the post office to see if there is any mail being held for you. Once this is all done you should register your cars if they are in a new state and make sure to register to vote in your local area.