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There are really three types of moving techniques that are used today. Here at Steady Movers, we use two out of the three! Personally, we are a service company, which means we do not just rent trucks out. Instead, we help you pack y our things or at least drive the truck for you. If you are curious of exactly what each type of moving technique involves, here is an overview of each of them. The three moving techniques are full service movers, self service movers, and truck rentals.

There are really two different types of full service movers. Lucky for you, Steady Movers offers both types. The first type does basically everything for you. Some residential movers will come to your home and pack all of your belongings for you. Once they are done packing, they will load the truck and drive it to your destination. This means that all you really need to do is show them what needs to be packed and give them directions to your new residence. The second type of full service local movers means that you will pack your own belongings, but movers will come to your home and pack the truck and then drive it for you. This type is the most common. This allows you to pack everything exactly how you want it, but you will not have to worry about lifting all the heavy boxes and furniture or driving a large truck around.

Another common type of mover is the self service mover. This is also offered at Steady Movers. This type allows you to pack all of your own belongings, but you will also have to load you own truck. Some people really like this because they can make sure that nothing will break, but if something does end up happening to the belongings, the movers are not liable for them. Once you have packed and loaded the truck, a mover will actually drive the truck for you. This is helpful if you like to get things done yourself, but do not want to worry about learning how to drive a large truck.

The third and cheapest type is simply truck rentals. This allows you to pack your own belongings, load them into the truck, and let you drive it yourself. This is fairly common for college students and people with low funds. The only problem with this type of move is that it is very time consuming and strenuous.

Obviously, there are many types of movers available in your city. The biggest decision you will have to make is how much work you really want to do.