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If you have moved before you know it can be a real big hassle. The best way to take away that strain is to hire movers. With that said there are many ways that you can make your 1st contact with the moving company and also the day of your move go much smoother.

When calling or contacting the moving company online, have all of your information ready. Be sure to know how many pieces of large furniture that you have and also possibly how many boxes you may have packed. The movers will also want to be informed how many floors your home has and the number of flights of stairs. The distance from your door to the street will also be taken into consideration in the cost. They are taking this information to decide the number of movers needed for the job and an estimate of the time the move may take.

Once you have chosen a moving company and the date of the move, start getting prepared. If you would like to keep your cost reduced there are some steps that you should definitely take. Make sure you break down all of your furniture that can possibly be broken down. This would include beds, tables, even taking the drawers out of your dressers. The goal is to make it so that the movers are mostly just moving large items from the home to the truck. This will cut down the time it takes and inevitably cut the cost of the move also.

The morale of this is just to have all of your information ready when contacting the movers you choose to hire and also to be prepared fully on the day of the move. Most people tend to assume that the movers will just come in and pack everything and also tear everything apart for you. Well they will, but it is going to cost you twice as much for your move. The more workers and the more time it takes to finish the job the more it will cost.

Keep in mind that if you don't care about cost then it is ok to let them do it all in most cases, If you do go this route I would warn them on the phone or through email so that you know the correct price up front. As this could lead to up to doubling the cost I you don't want any surprises in price later.

I hope this information helps you in your next move. We at Steady Movers are here to provide not only moving services, but also great information to help and assist you in the process. So for your next move make sure to plan well and everything should go well.