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Here at Steady Movers, we have many different services we offer. Besides providing moving supplies and trucks, we also have storage facilities. Our storage facilities have a lot to offer you. We have many different time durations available, sizes, and features in each of our storage rooms. Let us give you a quick over view of what exactly Steady Movers has to offer you when it comes to storing your belongings.

First off, we have many different time durations available in order to fit your situation best. First off, if you are moving some place and need to store your items for a very short amount of time, we are the place for you. We will happily help you move your belongings to a short term storage facility during your residential move while you prepare your new home for them. If you are looking for something a little more long term, do not worry we offer that as well! You are able to rent a storage space from us that will fit your belongings for whatever amount of time you need. We offer pricings on month to month rentals or even multiple year rentals. This means that if you just have too much furniture for your home, you are welcome to store it with us for as long as you need to.

Another great thing about our storage facilities here at Steady Movers are the sizes. We offer almost every size of storage unit you could think of. Whether you are only storing a few small things or if you are storing all your furniture from a large house, we promise you that we have a facility for you. Most commonly are mid size storage units. These units can hold many boxes plus a few pieces of larger furniture. All sizes of units are also available for all time durations. These units are great for in between local or long-distance moves. For instance, are you custom building your home? If so, you may be living in a much smaller house if not an apartment while your new home is being built. This means that much of your belongings will not fit in your apartment. While the new home is being built, you are able to store almost an entire house of furniture in one of our storage facilities.

Besides having multiple time durations available and sizes, we also offer a few more features. All of our storage units are completely sealed from all outside weather. They are also locked at all times so that nothing will be stolen. Also, at some of our facilities there is even air conditioning in them. This means that your belongings will stay approximately the same temperature as it would in your own home.

Steady Movers has thought of almost everything when it comes to storage. You can count on us to ensure that your belongings are safe and sound in any of our numerous facilities.